Otto's Pub, Bar & Resto in Coron - Otto's Specialities

Austro - German Specialities

“ Bratwurst mit Brot “
Fried Veal — Frankfurter or Hungarian Sausage with Bread

“ Oesterreichischer Wurstsalat “
Cervelat with sliced Onion, Oil & Vinegar,
garnished with Egg, Cucumber and Tomato

“ Bratwurst mit Bratkartoffel und Beilage ”
Fried Veal – Hungarian or Frankfurter Sausage
 with fried Potatoes, garnished with sliced Egg, Tomato and Cucumber

“ Oesterreichisches Rinds-Gulasch“
Austrian Beef Gulasch, Noodles and Salad

“ Gebratener Fleischkaese”
German Farmers-Meat-Loaf with Sunnyside Egg,
served with fried Potatoes and mixed Salad

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